Do the search engines regard incoming links from websites hosted on the same server as lower quality links?

I have multiple websites hosted on the same server.

Some of my websites have related content, therefore they contain contextual links to and from one another.

I would like to know if the search engines will regard these back-links as authoritative or will they consider them low quality or spammy links because the websites are hosted on the same server? Will these links assist in SEO?

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Google takes into consideration the diversity of IP's linking to you.

You will still get credit for links if too many come from the same IP - but they will have less weight than if they were coming from a different IP. They may be considered authority backlinks, but given less weight (it depends if the websites are authority websites are not -- simply having contextual backlinks doesn't make them authority backlinks).

Your best bet is to keep them on separate IP addresses to get the full SEO benefit. You will still get SEO benefit though even if it's hosted on same IP.

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The backlinks will definitely help with SEO. However, whether your links are authoritative or spammy is up to your website. Do your websites have a lot of traffic? Are your other websites recognized as authoritive? If your other websites receive many other GOOD links from other websites and have a lot of real traffic, shared a lot then definitely the link to your new website will be authoritative.

by Tommy - 1 year ago