I need a little help with eBay?

So, I bidded on a item on eBay not to long ago and won, I sent the money and noticed my item has yet to be shipped. I paid on the 8th of November and it has been 4 days with my item not shipped yet, I might just be over-reacting when I think I might not get my item; and want to know how long I should wait? I have never had an item not shipped after I sent my money and need a little help on how I would go about getting my money back if I don't get my item, and I have tried to contact the seller asking when he'd ship it or if there's anything going on but no reply.

So, any idea's on what I should do and how I should go about this? :<

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It really should not take 4 days to ship an item, but I have actually known of sellers who were that slow and others who got sick. That said, look at the seller's feedback, how much feedback do they have. Is it good or bad. The listing should have said how long they would take to ship, what did it say; there are a few sellers that only ship a couple of times a week due to their full time jobs.

Finally, the 8th was a Thursday, if they were not available to ship Friday, then with the weekend and Veteran's Day holiday they may not have been able to get it shipped until Tuesday the 13th.

If you do feel that the seller is a bad seller, then you should contact eBay.

Here is the eBay help page about "Resolving Buying Problems".


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