where can i find scripts/code for my business website?

i want a simple site that plays my videos in a player and allows visitors to (if they want to) sign in using their twitter account and leave a comment, STRICTLY NO EMAIL SIGNUP OR DOUBLE OPTINS.

Visitors can still watch videos if even if they dont sign in but if they want to comment they have to.
Where can i find an app, plugin, player or script that is as i described? or where can i get one? I'm trying to build a website like or or

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If you can manage a bit of coding / integration by hand, get yourself a joomla or wordpress based installation and see what plugins / extensions serve you best. You will look for something like "social media signup" or "facebook/twitter signup" etc.

Be warned though, that Joomla or Wordpress are deceptive to look easy, but not for the faint hearted. It takes a tonne of effort to keep their code base updated and secure to match evolving standards and upgrades.

Should you require professional help building your business website, considering


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