For seo purposes, is it better to have my articles posted on my own Blog or published somewhere else?

I want to improve my SEO score and generate more traffic to my site. I've written a couple of articles on topics related to my industry (architecture & construction) and started my own Blog.

I am curious, what will have a bigger impact; Having my articles posted on my own blog / site or having them published it elsewhere?

At the end of the day, what I'm really interested in is generating leads, getting people to see my site and give me a call.

Just FYI, the articles are original and I haven't posted them anywhere as of yet. I just want to know if its better to place them elsewhere to get backlinks to my site, or put them on my own site to increase the amount of content on it. Thanks.

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Hi David, its hard to say which would have the most impact without seeing your site and the articles.
Do not publish the articles on your site and on article directories.
I suggest you write some more articles, post some on your site and others on high quality directories and see if you can submit them to industry specific authority websites. Also see if you can comment on other blogs in your industry.


1 year ago

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by Akram - 1 year ago