Need advice about buying a domain name? Please help?

Okay, I have business name.

The website domain I want is expensive in .com, but my business name available in and .co but not com. Which one would you choose? I have no idea! lol I guess I could use either one, but which one is better? Just need some advice. Thanks.

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I suggest you to go for .com even if it costs you slightly more. The. com represents the word "commercial," and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet.

Rest the choice is yours.

1 year ago

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Why not take a look at the domain which includes the company name and the niche name

I think that's will help SEO and people is easy to remember what the niche your company is talking about!


by Sơn - 1 year ago