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    Selling an item on ebay?

    I sold a item on ebay for 250.00 usd 2 days ago. The buyer still hasnt paid and doesnt reply to my messages? What do i do? I am new.
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    Check out the unpaid item dispute process. There are time restrictions. If the buyer doesn't pay then you must open a dispute to get your Final Value Fee returned from eBay.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Give him a bad review and your money has not gone to him. Pay pal holds it till you get the money. Email paypal they will help you

      by jack - 3 hours ago

    • Try going to chekkout.com A new online auction marketplace based in NC where anyone in the U.S. can sell and anyone in the world can buy. 99% cheaper than ebay, also have free classifieds and a job finder section as well. If selling an item, you relist your item free for up to a year, cant beat that. There are no final sale fees, if your item sells, you keep all of the money. Go check it out today!!!

      by Chekkout - 3 hours ago

    • I suggest relisting the item if you did not get your money. if you have already shipped the item and did not get paid you should file a complaint to ebay. it takes 3-5 business days for ebay to make a decision about your complaint if the buyer doesnt respond. if it is reasonable complaint they will give your money back and no one has to pay for it. ebay rocks !

      by Marterio Jones - 3 hours ago

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