How to make money starting a website about an entreprenuer opportunity?

I want to make money teaching people how to do my business on a website, what are ways I can make money Ideas needed thx

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What's your opportunity?
Do you have one, or are you looking for one?

Either way....Firstly, establish your niche. Yours seems to be "make money online". But perhaps it's in a different area.

Secondly: Establish an online presence, if you don't already have one. You should have hosting and a domain name.

Third - Do you have a mailing list? Get one through a service, such as or, where you can send mailings to people who subscribe to your list.

Forth: get a membership site. There are many such as DigitalAcessPass, Kajabi, and the free Wordpress option, SR2. Once you have signed up for one, upload information there, to be given to subscribers at varying rates (Once per day? Per week? Once per month?)... The idea is that once they sign up, they are given this information "drip-feed" style, not all at once.

Finally - To build your subscriber list - Create a product, such as an ebook, giving some free, valuable information. Build what's called a "squeeze page" to offer the ebook free, in exchange for the website visitor entering their name and email address,

The end process: Entice them into your sales funnel by offering the ebook. Then offer your online course for a monthly fee (such as a membership area.) There, you could continue to give away information on your subject of knowledge, while making a profit doing so.


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So you have a business and you want to build a website on teaching others to make money from a system that you can't make money from?? Sounds like some sort of scam to me honestly. If you have a business franchise, then you wouldn't be asking these questions. If your business model is profitable, why ask others how to make money from it? Furthermore, why would you want to sell that information if it is making you money? You are just attracting competitors.

by Devin - 1 year ago

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by Raju Shrestha - 1 year ago