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    How do i create a money making website. best answer gets 10?

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    Hey Jack, If funds are an issue, or if you just like a great deal, check out Weebly. You can build yourself not one but 2 web sites with as many pages in them as you like. They have over 100 templates and make a really pro looking site. They will also provide you a domain name of your choosing and host it for you, all for free. For SEO, investigate, and choose some great key words to load into your site, make a coresponding blog, also free, and have fun doing it. http://trks.us/s14447 Don't worry they have videos to help you along every step of the way. If I can do it, anyone can. Sounds like you might also be lacking direction, as far as what you want to market and to market it. If this is the case you may want to go here, and get some basic info on picking a niche, and the different methods of getting traffic. http://trks.us/s14472 This site also is completely free.
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    • Michaelsbrown.com he has a product called niche blitzkrieg that I learned from. But he also has most all of the videos for free on his blog. I think it's called unleashing your success. All it will cost you is 10 dollars for hosting per month And 10 dollars for the domain once a year. Good luck!

      by Ben - 21 hours ago

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