In wordpress seo plugin should i use comma after a last keyword?

i am using All in one seo pack in my wordpress site, i want to know like i write Keyword iphone 5. i only write 1 keyword so i have to write comma after even a single keyword like iphone 5, or only use comma wheni use multiple keywords?

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Not required when using single keyword, it is only required when you have multiple keywords.

1 year ago

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Doesn't really matter since keywords are largely ignored by search engines anymore.

by Inda Cloud - 1 year ago

I use WordPress in my site and i use WordPress SEO by yoast but i can't put more than one keyword for post, kindly is there a way to do this (more than one keyword) or should i use all in one SEO for WordPress Plugin.


by Addy - 1 year ago

No, there is no need to use comma after last keyword because we use comma to separate the keywords and when there is not next keyword you should not use it.

by ♥♥ Mohsin ♥♥ - 1 year ago

I don't think that is necessary for SEO. Using keywords doesn't mean any special english punctuation rules. Just go with those which best suit your needs

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago