What are some popular sites to create your own writing blog on?

For like, creative writing, or art?
or fan fiction, etc..
I was thinking of creating my own, at least lol :]

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There are many blogging communities out there, Squidoo and Hubpages for example. The pro is that these sites have a huge community of people, good SEO ranking from what I have read, and you can earn money from ads placed on your blog. The drawback is, in my opinion, that blog communities can have bullies who have nothing better to do with their time that harass other writers, and get their articles pulled, and while you can get articles re-instated, it's a bother and might take several days.

There is also software for your own blog such as WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, and so on. The blog software needs to be hosted, but many offer free hosting, such as and BlogSpot. If you want full control over your blog, most hosting services today offer "one-click install" programs to load the blog software onto your own paid hosted web site with your own domain name.

For Writers Communities do a search such as "writers blog community". Also check to see if there are local Writers in your area. - The Online Writing Community:

National Novel Writing Month:

Blog Hosting Info:



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blogspot is prolly the best i have used of all of them

by Kevin - 1 year ago

Definitely Tumblr!! You can also find tons of other cool things there, it's easy to get started, FREE, fully customizable, and there are a lot of really cool people, so check it out!

by Muffin Mail - 1 year ago

Blogspot, Wordpress and Tumblr they all are some popular blog sites.

by Samuel ken - 1 year ago