how to make money with a website without ads?

I am part of a team creating a social networking website, and would like to know how to get money/profit off of it without advertisement.

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Short of having people pay to use it, you won't make any money without ads

1 year ago

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There is no way that will ever happen.

by Uncommon Sense - 1 year ago

Make it a private paid membership social network where users would pay membership fee or monthly/annual membership dues. But to pull this off you better darn sure be able to provide a premium palace social network that members would be willing to pay for.

by Carlyn - 1 year ago

Make it popular and sell the site and make money like what was done in hotmail's mid 90's

by George T - 1 year ago

There is a way.

But after your social networking website should get a great hit. you need to provide free API service at the beginning. after that you could charge few cents for your API service. this would be a better idea. if this is a better idea. kindly give me a cheer. if guys have any other better idea kindly let us know.



by A.P.J.ABDUL - 1 year ago