How do I go about advertising my website?? really need help?

I am making a website to buy really cheap movies, android apps/games/wallpapers etc... and more really cheap and only instant downloads. but how would I go about advertising it for free. I am paying for my website still been trying to find out how to get customers for 2 months, please help. Thanks
I do have buisness cards I bought, haven't gave any out yet, trying to find out where I can put them at. Also trying to advertise accross the web. Like in google or something similar. I am pretty sure that'll cost $ to do it. Is there any other way?

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Your going to need someone to manage your content and marketing. If you don't have a background in SEO you may need to do some research. Most people won't tell you the secrets because it's a competitive market. You can email me the url and I can take a look and provide you with a consultation.

1 year ago