Is there a way to add a second domain name to a website to capture more keyword searches?

Some one told my client that he needs to have several exact keyword match domains pointing to his website so that when someone types a search in, it will auto fill the dot com. I told him that Google will only index one domain name since the permalink is set to the original domain name. Am I missing something?

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Used to have some value but since Google has lowered and in many cases penalised the exact match domain name it could have a negative impact.
It was acheived by simply using a frame direction of the exact match domain name to the appropiate page within the target site and could gain a short term benefit.
As you suggest the canonical address of the original content page is the only one that will gain or lose credit and due to the lack of importance now placed in an EMD any benefit in such a link will now be negated. Not worth the risk or indeed the expense involved.. Jim

1 year ago