Bidding On Low Competition Keywords?

In google adwords i'm bidding on really low competion keywords, I know who my competitors are and , its probably only like 1 or 2 other people in my niche who are bidding on the same keywords NO MORE

So i'm trying to start off bidding for about 0.75 cent for each of these keywords but google is telling me that the first page bid estimate for each for most of these keywords are 3.50 !

Keep in mind my the competition is extremely LOW , its probably 1 or 2 of us at the most for about 40 of these low competition keywords.

So why do I have to pay so much money to get seen on the first page?

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You don't, what do you care what they say put your bid for $.75 (which to me still looks high and see what happens.
You need to remember that Google has millions of spots to fill and depending on your competition marketing budgets, it is possible that half way thru the day their budget is out and then Goog puts your ads.
It happens to me also- Try the word "car insurance" supposedly the bid is $45 - which is stupid
Even if one in 10 actually buys the insurance the cost to the company is $450 per customer - doesn't make any sense.

There is another option, that there are more competitors who are bidding on these words, sometimes a word or term have more than one meaning.

In short - test it out at your terms and see what happens.
Goog is a great way to get traffic to your site and make a sale.

have fun with it, and remember that you will be "spending" money for education.

2 years ago