Ebay listing help please?

hi, im trying to list a bundle of xbox games on ebay but when i try add the postage price it says my postage price can be no more than £3 in this category (consoles and games > games... well this just isnt realistic as its about 30 games and will probably cost about £10 - 20 to post. please help me

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Scroll down to where it says 'Give the buyer p&p details' and pick 'Heavy and bulky item' .

You then put details of the cost/courier in the body of the listing (eg 'This is very heavy and will be sent by 3-5 day courier at a cost of xxx').

MyHermes is probably one of the cheapest courier services.

2 years ago

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Increase the price of your bundle by £10 - 20. That way you get what you need and there are no surprises to the buyer.

by Mark - 2 years ago