i set meta tags in my site, also in html alt tag now what should i do for promoting my website.?

website name is and i set meta tags in this page now what i do for promotion this website. i just doing micro blogging, blogging, link building, book marking etc, any new method to promote this website in higher level.

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New Technique:

1. Forum Posting
2. Profile Link Building
3. Article Submission
4. Write Unique Article
5. Consult with SEO Expert
6. Try Google Adword


2 years ago

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You are doing good all the task you are currently performing can provide the optimum results up to Google's update, Here i would like to advice you start a Social Media campaign for the promotion of your website for best results.

by Luke - 2 years ago

start a blog, a fan page and keep your site updated. Also try to interact with users more personally that visit your site.
Hal Smith | URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 2 years ago

try guest blogging

by Heine - 2 years ago