How to become an good SEO?

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To be a good SEO it requires research, reading, analysis and effective techniques to be applied. Google algorithm remains a mystery for all the SEO analysts. In that case, latest updates and information in the internet is needed.

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The primary goal of any search engine is to provide what people is searching for. So to speak, your site must have good content and helpful information for the searcher, then SEO will reward you.

The good SEO is start from your site content, how many of it and how fresh of it.

Search Engine like fresh content, so they will crawl you site very often.

SEO is not about building backlinks but quality content around your site.

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by MonopolyMan - 2 years ago

There are many ways to be a good SEO , but the thing is we must follow up techniques seriously and work toward it , here I just want to share 5 Tips which would help you being a Good SEO
1.Build your site for users
2.Become a subject matter-authority
3.Becoming a source of content
4.Building your personal brand/reputation
5.Do stuff to attract links
Hope these hints would help you


by Linda - 2 years ago

A good seo needs to possess a analytical mind and should be able to gather data from different sources.

by Cris - 2 years ago

Learn all about SEO right from the basics.

Opt for conducting case studies, on your own services. Compare results and apply them into practice.

Don't focus on turn-over, but on customer satisfaction. You will automatically gain a lot.

See this hand drawn graphic on deifferntiating between professional and novice SEOs.


by Aparna - 2 years ago