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    What is the best way to boost SEO rankings for my website?

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    You've received a very interesting set of answers to your question. As you know many factors contribute to the ranking of a site, we could classify these factors into two categories on-page and off-page optimization. On-page is everything from your content and how it is structured to keyword density; you are looking to ensure that you have used your target keyword in your title tag, that you are using h1 tags and paragraphs in your post/article and that your content is original and reads easily for the reader. Off-page is about back-links and referral traffic to your site; answer forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.. That being said, before you do any of that you should start with keyword research to understand the competitive landscape and what will be required to rank in the search engines for various keyword phrases. It helps you understand who your competitors are and how well they have entrenched themselves around various keywords/phrases and what is the best entry pint for you. It makes little sense to target a highly competitive keyword, where the competition is quite strong and clearly knowledgeable on what it takes to rank; they're optimizing as well...this is when you look for longtail keywords to use as an entry point. Also, you may consider working with an SEO consultant, there are many that work with small businesses and understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur. They can help you cut through the fluff and help you attain the results you are looking for. It is not an overnight solution, but well worth as a top ranked site will produce continued brand awareness, leads, traffic, etc..over the long haul. Hope this was helpful. Best of luck.
    3 years ago

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    • Link building with good and updated website content helps a website get rankings. Thanks

      by Anil Sharma - 3 hours ago

    • Create more fresh, quality and unique content for your site and build more quality backlinks from authority and relevant sites..You can join forums that are relevant to your site's niche, submit to top article submission sites, submit your site to local directories or niche directories, and do press release submissions..

      by Rich Jeffersons - 3 hours ago

    • Earn lots of back-links from similar websites. Submitting links in social bookmarking sites can help you to increase back-links and rankings instantly.

      by salsanej - 3 hours ago

    • There are many ways to get SEO service for your sites....you can get the the best seo Tool from http://www.thewebpole.com/ this SEO tool named as Traffic Blazer this helped to increase the traffic and page rank.Before using the SEO service my site even indexed in Google....Now it's Ranked Good in Search Engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing...I have also used the free seo methods like Forums,blogs,directory submissions to get free traffic.

      by Nama - 3 hours ago

    • There's a lot of flux right now with SEO. In general, you'll want to provide good content that people want to read. If you are involved with a topic you LOVE, it'll be a lot easier for you to research and develop content that helps people solve a problem. By all means, read Google Webmaster guidelines inside and out. Yes, there are lots of webmasters that are completely compliant that got slammed with the Penguin update, and a lot of crazy spam that's floated to the top. That will probably resolve itself with time. Stay away from any artificial link building, it's strictly against Google's policies. There is a movement that draws traffic that doesn't involve Google and you can familiarize yourself - Pintarest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all draw traffic. Whatever you do, be of service to your readers. Make THAT your top priority. All things considered, I am hopeful that being the best at what you do will be enough. Good luck getting the traffic you need for success, and check out the forum I'll give you a link for. (They have step by step instructions, webinars, a forum, etc.)

      by Penny G - 3 hours ago

    • get more links to your website to help with google page rank... www.li-nks.com is a good place to start

      by Megan - 3 hours ago

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