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    If I do the onpage SEO of my website then will it come in topresults of google?

    I am having a website i.e.. http://www.theindependentindia.com and it is having PR3 but I am not getting a good amount of traffic from search engines so I had a thaught of Onpage SEO for my website Now the thing I want to know is will this work I know that offpage optimization plays a big role but I want to know is that If I go for onpage optimization then can it come in top results of Google with keywords such as "corruption in India and poverty in India etc." please help me.
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    Backlinks can make a big difference, you miust already hve some ti have eearned the pr3. Looking at the top ranked sites for "corruption in India" (from the U.S.) The #2 results (after wikipedia) is a guardian.co.uk article 6 months old That site has 2.7 million links from 54,000 sites overall. The #4 results corruptioninindia.org has just 18 links from 10 sites This shows the benefit from exact keyword domain names. Opensiteexplorer.org reports no links to your site (they don't check all possible link sources, but it suggests you have no high quality backlinks) There are bound to be links from some of the 1,590 Google research results mentioning your site, though I see that at least 10% of the mentions are in your own posts and copies some sites created. Your site is just getting old enough to take on a several new backlinks a day without suspicion, just don't by robot spam links 1000 at a time.
    3 years ago

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    • You need to do off page SEO as well. Getting relavent high PR links will help in ranking.

      by ? - 14 hours ago

    • On page optimization is not enough to get high traffic for your website. You still need to do linkbuilding for that. But be careful for google is very strict now when it comes to linkbuilding.

      by janeline ♥ - 14 hours ago

    • On-page optimization alone can not take your site in search engines. You have to earn lots of quality back links from related websites. Use social bookmarking sites to build back links quickly.

      by salsanej - 14 hours ago

    • Doing on page can bring result . But off page optimization is also a part of seo and can gain good result. But do not spam

      by Ashish Jain - 14 hours ago

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