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    How can I make my business website come up when people search my name?

    I would like to make it so if people google my name they would find my personal consulting website, currently the company I am working with is coming up instead. How can i change this?
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    If your web site (domain) does not have your name in it, get the domain name, if it is still available. If it is not available anymore, look for derivatives like "YourNameConsulting.com" etc. Include your name in the "Title" tag (HTML) of your personal web site's pages. Also use it in the HTML content as well, including header tags (H1..Hx) and normal paragraphs. Use your name in the anchor text of the links to your web site home page whenever possible, on your own site and on other web sites (LinkedIn, forums, social media web sites etc.). Include a link to your personal web site whenever possible and appropriate, such as your profile page on other web sites. If companies that you work/worked for mentioned your name on their own web site, make sure that they make the name to a link to your personal consulting web site. If they did not do that already, ask them to change this for you. If your name is in the domain name itself, its easier to make sure that your name is in the anchor text of links to your web site, because people often use the URL to a site also as the anchor text of the link (especially, if a CMS converts URL's automatically to click-able links).
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    • To get your business website to rank high for the keyword “YOURNAME” would be rather difficult unless your website is optimised for that keyword and millions of people link to you with the keyword “YOURNAME” . Also if your name is a popular name like David Smith, the chances are unlikely that you can get high rankings. If your name is rather unique, an easy way to do it would be to get a domain name with your name on it, ideally www.YOURNAME.com or www.YOUR-NAME.com and install a word press blog with “YOURNAME” in the title meta tags and content. Your site should get indexed quickly and rank well if SEO competition is low. To gauge the competition for SEO rankings, simply look at whether the sites that come up on top are popular sites or authority sites. Another way would be using PPC advertising. For Google Adwords, just simply create an Adwords campaign for your name and you’d be expected to pay around 5-10 cents perclick. Again, if your name is a common name or a popular name shared by a celebrity, it wouldn’t be wise to do this. You can use this for Yahoo and Msn as well. If your name is unique, u can have your facebook profile ranked on top. Another site would be www.linkedin.com . Simply direct them to your business website on your facebook and linked in page. Having said that, a better solution would be to optimise for your company name and brand your company name instead of your name.

      by Vinnie B - 2 hours ago

    • Yes! All you need to do is include your name in the meta tags!

      by Harvey Jones - 2 hours ago

    • Vinnie B's response is right on. Merely place your name in the <title> metatag of the company's opening webpage. However, I do have another question: What is your strategy to promote and brand your name in order for anyone to easily recognize your name and subsequent placement of your name as a search query? Good luck!

      by VicSEO - 2 hours ago

    • Use UR name as meta tags on the site and start SEO by using UR name. After some days you will see the result.

      by Manoranjan Nanda - 2 hours ago

    • When you optimize your personal consulting website, you must use your name in the SEO campaign. Try social networks - Twitter is a good one. Let me give you an example: If you type in Google Search "EMR/CCR" you will see my name in front of a company I want to be associated with at listing #8. It reads "Robin Jablonsky (MedCentricity) on Twitter." How did I do this? Go to Twitter, set up your account using your name, but your personal consulting info, and Tweet! You can use this method as well on Facebook, Squidoo, etc. Also, make sure all info you post is relevant to you and your consulting website, and is full of useful info. Good luck!

      by ? - 2 hours ago

    • Carsten said: "Include a link to your personal web site whenever possible and appropriate, such as your profile page on other web sites." Good advice. You are welcome to create a free directory listing at my website (see avatar), linking back to your business website.

      by MyWikiBiz.com - 2 hours ago

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