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    How to add my site to all search engines for free in 24 hours?

    How to add my site to all search engines for free in 24 hours? I want to get it in all search engines or at least 12 one must be Google.
    18 days ago 10 Answers

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    Hi, Submit URL in all major search engines. some links may be paid and ask for reciprocal link but you can add your site on major search engines free. If you are looking for further help regarding marketing and promotion. I can suggest you a company magicsolv.com. Reason for telling you is just for help, if you need any assistance they are best. I hope this help you. Good Luck!!
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Plz visit the following link to submit for free. http://bblmedia.com/addurl.html

      by TattooXpert - 2 hours ago

    • That is really hard to do but if you Google free URL submission there are sites you can hand submit to. Thing you want to do is post your information in blogs, and free ads and things as well that gets spidered faster it seems. Even answering questions in here comes up same day. Orangesubmit would be one to try it seems to work rather quickly for submission. I find that with hand submission it varies from 7 - 10 days for them to start showing up some are quicker then others.

      by fullyloadedsites - 2 hours ago

    • You can get into google or rather any search engine into top places quite easily in a day, simply if you pay them. But other wise it is next to impossible to get those positions overnight. Anyways if you add your site to all the search engines,, and promote your website online, do some seo, then after a while you can definitely see your site in the first page of SEs. to know all the SEO tactics and more, you can see a website I know, http://www.nicheforseo.com/ Well, All the Best.

      by guitarists - 2 hours ago

    • You can do that easily! visit http://www.ranknumberoneongoogle.com they will get your website ranked frontpage of the google search engine in 24 hours

      by globetrotter t - 2 hours ago

    • I think it is hard because being visible at the search engines needs an effort and time. You must be able to have a high page rank before your site could be visible in a search engine. Because as you have said it must be free, there are several ways but no guarantee that your rank will increase within 24 hours. But if you could be that would be easy, just pay at google and whala your at the top of their search engine.

      by Elmer J. - 2 hours ago

    • you have to use submission tool these are free I could refer a free submission tool http://maxinspire.co.in/business/search-engine-list directory submission tool are also available here http://maxinspire.co.in/business/directory-submssion

      by Suhaana - 2 hours ago

    • Sorry it is not possible. You can be on Google but with not for free. You have to pay for it. For increasing your PR just start adding new stuffs & update everyday.

      by monil_vakharia - 2 hours ago

    • I used to know a way to do that, but I'll be darned if I haven't forgotten how it's done. Surely someone will come up with an answer. I keep thinking it was something called Addme. Maybe you can google this question. Also I think you can pay yahoo to advertise for you.

      by Whisper - 2 hours ago

    • Sorry, you can't. YOU have no control. Cannot be done. Too bad. There's no such thing as "registering a website with leading search engines." If other people link to your content, the search engines will find it. If nobody links to your website, the search engines will not find it.

      by falsi fiable - 2 hours ago

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