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    How can I put my website in search engines?

    I have a website slobspalace.co.uk and I'd like to know how to get it on yahoo google and msn search engine.
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    There are numerous things you can do to get your site higher on the search engine rankings. However, you must make sure your site actually has a purpose and some decent content. Otherwise, search engines don't really no what to categorize it under (it's got no content so it cannot be assigned a particular category). Firstly, make sure all of your pages are validating HTML. Although, not absolutely necessary I would do this just to make sure the search bots can read it properly. Then, put meta tags with a description of approximately 50-100 words on each page which briefly describes what the page has on it and its purpose. Also put keyword meta tags and include about 30-40 words that fit to your page. For example, don't include the keyword "flowers" if your page is about computers. Although, this sounds obvious there are countless sites which think if they stick in thousands upon thousands of keywords they will get a higher ranking. They don't. After about the 50th keyword, most search bots ignore the rest. Also, I think I'm right in saying that if the keywords don't relate in one way to the content of the page they ignore them too. Then, make sure each page is quite short. This is firstly so that readers don't get bored reading pages and pages of text but also because the more pages you have linked, the higher your ranking (the search engines know more of your site). Another important tip is the TITLE of your page. Make sure it has the main keyword for the page in it near the beginning. But also make sure it isn't 50+ characters and contains thousands of keywords. Make sure all of your images have ALTernate tags which are a short description of what the image is. However, if you're clever you would somehow incorporate one or two of your keywords into this description without making it sound like your marketing your site. Submit your website to all of the major search engines and, most importantly, dmoz.org. Many major search engines use this human-developed directory to gather sites from. There are numerous tools on the Web for submitting your site to 100s of search engines. Use these tools but set up a new e-mail account, say a Hotmail one, which you use when submitting (if needed). Then when you're finished you can just leave the account for 30 days and it will close itself down. (This is so you don't get spam.) Make sure your site is linked from other sites. If your pages have really great content, it is inevitable that people will link to it from their sites. Do yourself a favour and link back to theirs -- it's only courteous. To find out pages that are linked to yours in Google, you type link: yourdomain.com. The more links you have going to your site, the higher search engines will rank you. A good idea would be to become part of a link exchange where if you promise to link to someone else's site, they will link to yours. You should choose a single keyword which describes your site or particular page and try to include this as the very first word on the page. The trick is to include your main keywords as many times as possible in your BODY text while still making it perfectly readable for your, well, er, readers. Once you have interesting content, you are listed in the major search engines and people are linking to you, you are almost guaranteed to rise to the top of the ranking. There are many more other tips you could follow but I think I've covered most of the main ones here. Just please don't have any advertisements or pop-ups on your site if you can. If it's a personal site, have a PayPal (or some other money system) set up on your site so people can donate money towards hosting costs or whatever. This way, if people like your content they are more inclined to donate money to you. One more thing: make your pages interesting to your readers -- you don't want it to sound like marketing druel. Basically, the motto is "if you're site has interesting content, you will receive visitors". * Have your website address listed on your business cards, stationery, in fact anywhere on a tangible item * Have your website address (URL) in a decal on your car * Trade your website URL with like businesses (reciprocal linking) * Add your URL to online business directories – there are many free ones out there. DMOZ.org is a good place to start. * Have a look at your current website content. Has it changed in the last few years? Could it be made better in readability and prime keywords? * Write articles and submit them, to online ezines * Could your site benefit from a Blog or Forum? * Constantly review you search engine rankings and market your site accordingly. * Use your domain email address and not an ISP address * Join online business groups * Have a Newsletter sign up facility on your website and send out regular (monthly/quarterly) e-newsletters * Do you buy products from another online business? If so, share reciprocal links. * Take time to see what your competition is doing online. What is working from them and try implementing the same kind of ideas. Cheers Responder
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    Other Answers

    • well you can just add your website to the search engines - go to their main pages and look at the bottom for a add your site section. however, they also take note of the traffic to your site, more traffic must mean a good site, they like this so will put you higher up in the search results. search online for simple ways to improve your 'SEO', for example make sure the keywords for your site match the content on there! to get you started and to get traffic flowing to your site follow these '10 low cost ways to promote your website' http://www.newbiztips.net/marketingideas.aspx good luck with your site! Rebecca

      by just trying to make a difference - 17 hours ago

    • Here are the submission pages for each of the major search engines. Remember to find the right page for your region since you're .co.uk Google: http://www.google.co.uk/addurl/ Yahoo: http://submit.search.yahoo.com/ MSN Live: http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspx

      by thenotself - 17 hours ago

    • Hello, well.....there are many ways to optimize the potential of your site in generating traffic. Best way to get good traffic ? Search engine optimization (SEO) is your starting point for getting traffic. After all, Google has to "like" your web pages, and people have to be able to find them. Your website needs soe friendly search engines. Your goal is to build traffic. Why would anyone even want to come to your website if there's nothing interesting there to see? You have to do some link building process for your websites. This is a great way to get qualified traffic : Link building methods: 1. Submit in directories 2. Submit Articles 3. Blog Discussion 4. Forum Postings 5. Link exchanges Use this process we can get traffic easily.... If you need some more information to get more people to go to your website, just go through below link I think it's very use for you: http://www.trafficassistants.com/ good luck... regards, raom.

      by mantra - 17 hours ago

    • Just submit site map to SEs Have a look at http://www.ds32.com for more info on this subject.

      by raysor - 17 hours ago

    • There are two ways to get free traffic to your site - so excluding PayPerclick and other paid adverts. 1) Improve the layout of your web pages so that they are better organised for the search terms that you are interested in. This accounts for about 25% of traffic in Google 2) Get other sites to link bakc to you. This accounts for about 75% of your Google traffic. We provide SEO services to small businesses to do just that and can provide examples of sites where we have had a fantastic effect on traffic. SEO Services and Web Design: http://www.seo-services-web-design.com/

      by Michael P - 17 hours ago

    • Submit your url to the search engines. However, that doesn't mean that they'll automatically list your website when someone enters a search term into the google or yahoo search box. Your pages need to be optimised with keywords. I noticed that one of your keywords is "JUST bring the beer" which is funny, but it's highly unlikely that people search on that term. Your other keywords free football, free games etc would probably have too much competition. My blog actually has quite a few articles on keywords: http://personal-development-for-abundance.blogspot.com You may find them useful.

      by shazsays - 17 hours ago

    • All you have to do is type submit your URL into Google search it will give you a whole bunch of search engines and directories you can apply to. But before you applied to your search engines and directory make sure all links on your site work and your spelling is correct. You do realize that it would take 60 to 90 days before Google, Yahoo or MSN ever see you. if you need help submitting to directories just contact me through my site I can give you a list of the top directories to apply to that are free. Also be sure to apply to Alexia. Alexia is owned by Amazon.com but it's a tracking search engine which ranks all the web sites and is used by Google.

      by DON T - 17 hours ago

    • Good luck with your search engine efforts. Keep in mind that search engine submission, which will hopefully lead to having your site spidered, may take weeks, if not months. It is a slow process. Be careful with the traffic exchanges, buying visitors, etc. I've been there done that, and it's all a waste, in my opinion. The best thing you can do is make sure you have plenty of content on your website, with each page optimized for a keyword that is both in demand and not too crowded with other websites. Go to Wordtracker and use their free keyword suggestion tool to check the demand for your keywords. You can then go to Google and do a search on your selected keywords to see the supply of other sites. Use the "allintitle:" command for more accurate numbers. For example, to search for the word SEO, type allintitle:seo in the search block. Note there is a colon in that command, and no spaces. The search engine will then tell you how many other pages use that keyword. Click on the site that holds the highest page rank for your keyword (below the two paid positions). When on the site click on your View command tab at the top of Internet Explorer, then click Source. Scroll through the html coding that pops up to see their keywords for ideas on how to improve your site. The site listed below is a current work in progress. I have nothing to sell at this site, as it is just a free source for information on how to get involved with MLM. It is also an experiment on how to legally and ethically use SEO tools. If you choose to visit, do the View-Source technique I mentioned above. Pay attention to how I used my keyword in the title, description, headline, and text to improve search engine results.

      by Jason B - 17 hours ago

    • All you have to do is go to each search engine and search "Google Add URL" or "MSN Add URL" or "Yahoo Add URL" also, if you are looking for other ways to market and promote your site http://www.kissmyebook.com has some good information. I hope that I have helped.

      by Just Call Me Aaron - 17 hours ago

    • Just apply to be on the search engine .

      by curtiscrib90 - 17 hours ago

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