how long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing??

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It will take some time unless you are lucky I would say at least a month.There is lots of work to be done and things to be learned. wait before you spend money even on Google Adwords because if you don't know to do it the right way you are sure to loose money first learn how to use it.You may try out this free challenge where you earn while you learn.


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Well you can make money almost can try the advertising program by google named adsense.
In this you can refer people to use certain products by showing the referral buttons on your site and get paid for that...
It is really good and i also earn a nice amount to spend on my needs along with my pocket money.
And you can also work whenever you want to...
Just make a website and start earning. No investment if you start with a blog.

People have really made fortunes in this thing who took this even a bit seriously...and to top it all you have nothing to lose so i also thought this thing and gave it a try...

Official website:

You can also get considerable amount of info. thru this link

good luck!!!

by Uday - 6 years ago

Don't listen to Uday.

You can make money very quickly with affiliate marketing, but most people do so by advertising with Google AdWords ( You pick the right keywords and your advertisements can draw people in who wish to purchase your affiliate product.

Try finding a Google AdWords voucher (they're around the internet quite a bit) to get a large discount off, just to begin.

You can also read about affiliate marketing on sites such as and other webmaster forums.

by thepennymine - 6 years ago

try join this website

join for free first
and it you can get guide to make money through affiliate program and all about affiliate include how long you can get money from the expert

by park d - 6 years ago