How far away from the septic tank can you run a line? I want to add a second house?

I want to add a second house on an exsisting septic about 200 feet away, what kind of cost would that be, is it possible to have two houses on one, and can you do it 200 feet away?

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It is local ordinance, call your local building department. However, in my state (CA) you can't legally have 2 houses anyway. I doubt any at all would allow 200 feet. Normally the lines are 10 feet or less.

3 years ago

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No, you cannot operate two houses on one septic system. Chances are very high that the effluent from two homes will be too much for the system to handle, rendering it inoperable for BOTH houses.

by acermill - 3 years ago

You can not do that, septic systems are based on size, related to how many bedrooms in the current home. Sorry but you would have to add a 2nd septic system, if the zoning permits. If you try to do this you will have a big mess and could cost you thousands. All septic systems have very strict zoning codes.


by Appraiser guy - 3 years ago