how many people can legally live in a 2 bedroom house in illinois?

2 bed room house about 600 sq feet - a couple and their young son and daughter and 3 to 4 other adults - Is this legal??

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The general standard is 2 people per bed rom + 1 child under 2 yrs. Some counties also have a law regulating how many unrelated people can live in one unit. The couple & the kids would be fine but the extra adults would not be legal in most areas. You would have to check that specific counties occupancy laws to have any kind of a case.


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Of course it is.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago



by Isaac - 3 years ago

A 2 bedroom house that is smaller than some apartments... and you want to shove up to 6 ADULTS and 2 kids into it? Are you kidding?

NO! You cannot have that many people living in a 2 bd house. And, furthermore, you SHOULDN'T!

I would be livid if I were the landlord and found out that many people were in my house.

by Use Your Noodle - 3 years ago

Lmao no. That's nuts. Its 1 couple and 1 child under 2.5 years old per bedroom.

by Book it! - 3 years ago