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    on a month to month lease do you have to give a 30 day notice?

    my sis month lease is up now im paying month to month but i dont want to wait 30days i want to leave like in the next week. my landlord is just a complete a hole. always in everyone personal buisness. i cant invite more then 3 people over at a time. theres mold creeping in the walls. all my pipes are connected shower, toilet, and sink. is it suppose to be that way??? it always smells like poo in the kitchen after you poo.and he is banning my boyfriend from being on the premises because apparently he is here too much. is that even legal? i just want out. i dont wanna pay another month if i dont wanna stay another month. help please? plus i want a one bedroom instead of a studio.
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    Yes , you are required to give 30 day notice to your landlord even with a month to month lease. if you were asked to move you would want the same courtesy of 30 days notice to move. best Wishes.
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    • Read your original lease. If there is a 30-day notice requirement, that requirement carries over to month-to-month. All month-to-month means is that either party (landlord or renter) has the ability to terminate the lease by providing the required notice at any time (not waiting a full year). Month-to-month also provides the landlord with the ability to increase rent with proper notice (giving the renter the ability to decline to pay the additional rent by providing notice and moving).

      by Steve D - 10 hours ago

    • You can move next week, but you will have to continue to pay rent. You need to give notice written notice prior to the the first of December unless you want to owe January's rent as well. A 30-day notice is also required for the landlord to make you move... the protection works both ways. Yes, it's legal for the landlord to ban your boyfriend - any landlord can decide who is on his/her private property for valid reasons... although typically, it's only if your boyfriend (or any guest) were to stay over for too many nights -- 14 nights per year in most cases. You can get rid of the mold with bleach -- it's pretty simple, and you need to put in a written request for repairs for the issue of the kitchen smelling like a bowel movement (there may be sewer issues going on). You will have to pay the full month of rent for December, but you can choose to leave tomorrow if you want to. Give notice prior to December 1st unless you want to be held responsible for another month of rent and make sure that you notify the landlord verbally and turn in a written notice as well. Make sure that you do a walk through with the landlord prior to leaving the apartment, and if you haven't turned in work orders for the necessary repairs or issues, especially the mold on the walls, you could be held responsible for not reporting the issue to be fixed. Make sure that you clean well before you leave and have the landlord sign off that the place is cleaned -- otherwise they'll hire a cleaning service that can easily cost you hundreds. Good luck to you.

      by spalmer - 10 hours ago

    • What does your lease say? 30 days notice is pretty standard, sometimes even 60 days. You can leave whenever you want to, but would still owe the rent specified in the lease, probably 30 days. It's likely to take you a little while to find a new place anyway, and to move.

      by Judy - 10 hours ago

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