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    Can a landlord refuse to give me a copy of my lease? (PA)?

    I am preparing to move out of a bad landlord situation and the landlord is ignoring my requests for a copy of the lease I signed. Is it legal in Pennsylvania for him to do that?
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    He is required to give you one copy, when you sign the lease, not when it expires. You can request another copy, but he does not have to provide a second copy.
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    Other Answers

    • If you have already received one and have lost it, then your landlord can charge you for an additional copy as a REASONABLE "forms fee"....ask for one and offer to pay a copying charge.

      by cvillecpm - a day ago

    • Well, where's your copy? At the time of signing the lease, there were two copies, one for LL and one for you, and LL was required to give you one. In many states, but not all states, LL must provide copy of lease upon written request, but can charge for it. It is a legal document and sets out the agreement between LL and you and how you legally bound yourself. You should keep a copy at all times.

      by chatsplas - a day ago

    • Did you receive a copy of the lease when you signed same originally ? If the answer is 'yes', you were given a copy. It's not the landlord's fault that you don't have it now. If you never got a copy of the lease, you are entitled to one.

      by acermill - a day ago

    • I believe so. Call Landlord/Tenant Affair or send him a certified letter requesting such. He will have to sign for the letter so he won't be able to deny receiving it. But def call Landlord/Tenant and get them involved. Have you tried going to talk to them in person?

      by ? - a day ago

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