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    How much time does a landlord usually give a tenant to move out when they have found a new residence?

    About how many days does a landlord give a tenant to move out and move into their new residence before they have to return the keys?
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    The landlord doesn't give you any time. You tell the landlord when you are vacating the apartment, and have your stuff out by that date and turn in the keys. The landlord can have a new tenant move in the next day if they so desire. Now, the time you need to move should be factored into when you give your notice. If you think you will need a week to move to the new place, set your move-out date for a week after your new lease starts. You can try doing it the same day if you want, or move your stuff into storage between the two leases if that works for you. But the landlord has no requirement to allow you into the apartment after you say that you are vacating it.
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    • You give the landlord as much notice (of your intended departure) as was agreed when you took the tenancy. You surrender the keys on your last day in the property. The fact that you have found a new residence is nothing to do with your existing landlord and quite possibly of no interest to him/her

      by Sir Jam - 30 minutes ago

    • You surrender your keys on the last day of your lease/rental agreement. Meaning, if you gave notice to be out by July 31st, then you surrender your keys on 7/31/10. It doesn't matter to the landlord when you move into a new place. If you hold on to the keys for even one day into August, he has every right to charge you rent for all of August.

      by ? - 30 minutes ago

    • Until the time when you've paid for. Usually it ends up being the last day of the month that you last paid your rent. But sometimes they'll let you pay pro-rated rates for a few days out of the next one.

      by Mr. E. Mann - 30 minutes ago

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