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    Can I receive a homeless voucher from CalWorks in San Bernardino,CA?

    My husband left a few months ago and I had to apply for Cash-aid assistance for my 3 children. I work full time and go to school full time, I didn't apply for cash aid for myself. They are deducting what I make every month from my job, and where I am living is not realistically affordable any longer. I was told that they will give me a voucher to help me move in to a new apartment. The main question I have will they still give me a voucher if I am not receiving cash for myself. I am doing what I can to avoid it coming to having to ask for assistance in moving, but in case it happens I want to know I have the option of filing for a homeless voucher. I absolutely am not trying to take advantage of the county, the last thing I wanted to do is ask for help, but if I can't make ends meet until my fall semester financial aid comes I want to know what other options I may have. Thank you for any information you can provide.
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    I do not think it makes a difference if you aren't getting cash aid for yourself. You are still responsible for your children's housing. Therefore you should be eligible to receive a voucher for help with moving costs. This takes approximately 2 weeks and sometimes even 3 to get a call back from the assistance places. I myself tried to get a voucher for help with my rental deposit. They gave me the run around for an entire week (approx. 4 different agencies ). They told me since I was moving to alameda county that I had to contact alameda county agencies. Then when I called the Alameda county agencies they told me since I lived in Contra Costa County that I needed to get into contact with Contra costa counties. I however was NOT enrolled in Cal Works at the time. And I know that you get way more assistance if you are in Cal works. Even if it is just for your children, you should definitely be able to get assistance, ESPECIALLY because there are children involved. Call 211 from any phone. They will ask you what county you are in. They can give you agencies. The only thing is, if you are enrolled in calworks, they want you to go through your worker. But get on it ASAP because it does take some time and you don't want to be living in a motel with no where to put your stuff because this WILL and does happen because of the time sensetive assistance you are asking for.
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    • Don't ask us, ask them, as soon as you can.

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