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    I hate my apartment. No money to move. I need a break!?

    I am a single woman living alone in a 3 unit apartment building in the US. I have been living here since 2007 in this place. I hate it here, but I currently don't have money to move. I have been dealing with horrible neighbors since I first moved in to this apartment. The previous upstairs neighbors moved finally after making my life a living hell with loud noise and dropping 50lb. free weights on the cheap floors on a daily basis. As soon as they left. A woman and her 2 year old daughter moved into a small studio apartment across the hall. This trashy skank constantly yells at her little girl all the time. The little girl is constantly crying. This woman talks to her like she is dirt and screams continuously and doesn't no how to talk to a kid nicely. "Get your coat!" or "Move!". Seems to be here favorite sayings. A studio apartment is not big enough for a two year old and the little girl probably needs her own space. I am a single woman who can't tolerate noise, especially from screaming kids and their parents making it worse. These paper thin walls are ridiculous to the point where I can hear people talk all over the building. She curses on her cellphone in the hallway at whomever. I couldn't care less what people do as long as it doesn't affect me. I have had it. How can I have peace in this place when there is no place to escape. Please don't say move out, because I have no money or a car to sleep in.
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    Are there just the three units in the whole apartment complex? Or are there several buildings with three units each? If so, maybe you could talk with your landlord and say that you like the complex but really don't get along with your neighbors, and ask if he would let you know the next time a different unit opens up that's the same rent. Maybe you could get a unit on the top floor (to avoid noise from above) or next to quieter neighbors. The landlord doesn't want to lose your monthly rent either, so he might be happy to help find something more suitable for you within the complex.
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    • as 4 the screaming mom @ her kids, u can go visit the human svcs detp in person & anonymously report the mom who screams all the time. NOW, as 4 no money to move, u can try cutting out ALL x-tras 4 a while. i'd find out real fast where all my $$$ goes. let's say u drink a lot of cola, have cable, phone, internet. u can temporarily do w/o all these 4 the time B'n. save all that $$$ u spend on x-tras toward a move, & even a good used car from a private owner. cars can B cheaper 2 keep if maintained properly. if u save ALL the $$$ that u normally spend on x-tras, u'd B shocked @ just how fast u can move 2 a better place. in paying ONLY rent & utilities (if any) & that's ALL u pay per month (providing u can live out of soup kitchens/food banks in yer area) u can save everything u can & b gone in a month or 2, (depending on yer rent amt). if yer determined 2 save, it CAN B done IF u cut out ALL x-tras 4 now. when there's more month than $$$, we can find out what causes this cycle & we can choose 2 find ways 2 break it by changing the way we spend, & what we spend our $$$ on. this may B hard @ 1'st, but it DOES get better w/ each day u STILL have $$$ in the savings that u haven't touched. each day DOES get EZr. when we find ways 2 start aggressively saving, we find ourselves ahead of the game. when we save ALL we can of limited funds, we CAN come out ahead of every 1 else, & a head above them, b/c we have fought the battle of poverty, & won the war on $$$ shortage. when we save, we find ourselves "Poor No More."

      by saved_astronaut - 12 hours ago

    • Well, you're pretty much screwed if you can't afford to move. Maybe try asking a close friend or family if you can spend time at their place, or even trade apartments with a friend you trust for a week or a couple days. Good luck!

      by courtneyy! - 12 hours ago

    • sorry, but if you are too broke to move id say you arent in the place to say a single mom and her kid shouldnt be in a studio. perhaps they have fallen on hard times as well, and thats all they can afford? not to mention "get your coat" and "move" are very common phrases when raising kids. the kid is prolly a slacker or doesnt listen very well. i think you need to either lighten up or go talk to the ppl you have issues with and let them know. how can they change things if they dont know they are causing any problems?

      by I gotz that wicked clown love - 12 hours ago

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