i get mail for former residents to my house, how do i get this to stop?

its important stuff like registered letters from the district attorneys office., legal papers. I have sent these back with return to sender written on it saying person doesn't live here, but they keep sending them. the family who lived here had legal problems. the mom got locked up for bank fraud. we get tons of mail from debt collectors for the one daughter. its also mail for like 6 other names. its a ton of junk how do i stop this? i live in camden county nj. i have lived her for 3 years and it still going on. my ultimate fear is that the police or a bounty hunter will come busting through my door looking for these people. how can i get these names off my address

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been there done that. i went to the post office and called all places (not debt collectors but district attorney stuff ike that). then I posted in my mail box my name husbands name and sons name with address that says only accepting mail for. that way they had to stop delivering me mail for the others. the junk mail never ends though

4 years ago

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Write to the postmaster general at your local post office. Let them know your story and request that this mail not be delivered to your address.

by paulcrsm - 4 years ago

Go to the post office and tell them to stop delivery for anyone other than yourself and family, also put a sign on the mail box mail for Mr & Mrs ------- only!

by franky - 4 years ago