by law, how many people can live in a one bedroom apt in texas?

i will be leasing a one bedroom apt. a couple came by w/ an 8 yr old and the lady is prego, but its only a 1 bedroom, isn't it too small for a family of 4? so the main question is, how many people can live in a 1 bedroom by law, i don't want them to think I'm being mean because they have kids, we've had other couples with 1 child, but 2 is alot. i just put in new carpet, new shower and toilet, new windows, new roof... what to do?

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2 adults plus one child under 12 months. They exceed the legal occupancy level.

5 years ago

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Check your local building/housing department. Usually not state law, but local ordinance.
Here a 1 BR could legally be rented to family of 3 only (parents and infant), NOT 4.
I wouldn't do it. Too many people for that space.
There are laws against discriminating against families, but NOT against # of people in a unit.


by chatsplas - 5 years ago

Check with your local housing department. Also check with the local fire marshall. Having 4 people in a 1 bedroom is most likely a fire code violation.

by reenzz - 5 years ago