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    How can I get a bad neighbor to move the F-out?

    The upstair neighbor dances around like an elephant, so our ceiling goes boom and moves and our windows are like shaking all the time. then she plays loud music all the way past 2 am in the morning. She leaves her cat in the hall way roaming around when knowingly we have 2 large dogs that can basically attack her cat and kill it. This woman is completely clueless and she has low self esteem cause she's on weight watchers and that is all she eats. And when I confronted her about not putting her cat in the hall way, she said this is the first time she had no idea, so she is a lier. How can I possibly get her to move out? she's been here a year already her lease should be up. The landlord loves her, or puts up with her since she pays her rent on time. I don't want to call the cops on her since I don't want to fight her on my own she is kinda psycho and my roomate with low self esteem, I have no backup.
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    You can't. If the landlord doesn't want to do anything (he probably would have no more luck than you) you have a problem. Don't pay your rent, save the money for a deposit on another place and move just before they throw you out. Kiss your deposit good bye, and interview the neighbors before you sign the next lease.
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    • Why don't you move, your the one with the problem. You could call the cops, but if the landlord really likes her he will find a way to get ride of you.

      by Heather V - 18 hours ago

    • You CAN'T! You have no control over who your neighbors are. Your ONLY option is to call the cops about the noise disturbances. I know you fear retaliation, but that is your only legal option. EDIT: If you stop paying your rent like some moron suggested then you will get evicted. A bothersome neighbor is also NOT grounds to break your lease. If you try to leave then you will have to pay any lease buyout fee stated in your lease.

      by Wildcat - 18 hours ago

    • If the landlord isn't doing anything about the problem then call the Police for noise disturbance. If you still have the same problems and the landlord wont allow you to break the lease then this would entitle you to break your lease legaly but you would probably have to go to court first and bring your roommate as a witness. I had the same problem with a upstairs neighbor but my landlord allowed me to move into one of their other apartments where my neighbors were only side by side no one above or below me. Don't stop paying rent because some landlords have data bases and can report you in them and when your next landlord does a background check you will be S.O.L unless you find ones that desperately needs a tenant or doesnt know about the database. Apartment living can suck thats why I bought my own place and now I dont have to worry about these issues anymore thank god.

      by MercedzCLS84 - 18 hours ago

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