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    Do houses sell fully furnished? Do they sell for more? ?

    If it doesn’t interest any buyers to sell furnished, can you include an “option to buy” offer for all furniture? (I really don’t care to make money off the furniture, but if it can help sell the house, it beats craigs-listing it all!) I don’t really care for most the stuff in my house- even though it’s very nice. All the furniture was purchased/brought in specifically for the house which I’ve only been at a few years, and they all go very well with the look of the house. They are very modern. I’m moving hundreds of miles, and downsizing from 1500 square feet into a 500 square foot apartment for a while and I’d prefer not to pay for moving and storage. Therefore I’m either going to try to sell it all on Craigs list and donate the rest, or sell the house furnished. In selling it furnished, I’d gladly include a full bedroom set, desks/chairs for the other two bedrooms (which my wife and I use as offices), Tables/chairs/couches in livingroom (which are all very modern and in great condition- they really go w/the house nicely), Kitchen table and chairs, Washer, Dryer, Fridge, all other major kitchen appliances, hot tub, a few other furniture items, and even a 90” projection screen TV system in the basement (I can always sell that on ebay though). Is this appealing to buyers? How do I list it with buyers to make it appealing?
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    Generally house only sell as furnished in vacation areas where someone maybe buying it as a vacation home, or nightly rental. I would list it as unfurnished, with an option to buy furniture. It may be something that you could use to entice the buyer. You could give the furniture for free or even real cheap. I was looking at buying a second home. Some of them were furnished. To me, it became another expense of disposing the furniture as I did not want it. It does help to show the home if it is furnished.
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    • Listing the house fully furnished might increase the selling price if a potential buyer doesn't have his own furniture already, and his taste is similar to the items you have. For the most part, would probably make it harder to sell. You could list the house with an option to buy any or all of the furniture. Houses are often sold with kitchen appliances included, and the hot tub would often be part of the sale.

      by Judy - 13 hours ago

    • List it as unfurnished except for the appliances and add a comment that furnishing are negotiable. You might think everything goes very nicely with the house, but it won't suit everyone's taste. Most buyers will have their own stuff that they chose.

      by hanora - 13 hours ago

    • In this market it helps to have an edge when selling and fully furnished is a great one. One can only get a home for what it's appraised for so someone can't get a higher loan amount because it's furnished but maybe someone can use part of the money they planned on using for the down payment toward your furniture. Bottom line you'll sell it faster and you should get the asking price without having to negotiate as much. Good Luck

      by brandonbroker - 13 hours ago

    • Most people don't want someone else's furniture. They have their own or want to buy what they like. However, this is not the case for all buyers and there might be someone out there who wants to buy a furnished house. Advertise the house as is, but note that the furniture is for sale, and come up with a price with and without. Buyers choice.

      by SusieQ - 13 hours ago

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