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    can 4 people live in one bedroom flat?

    i live me and my wife with 2 kids one he is 14 and 12 years old boys we live in one bedroom flat . i sleep with my wife in one room and kids both in living room is that ok in english law !!
    a few seconds ago 12 Answers

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    You're overcrowded - you need to consult your local housing office - they'll help you find a bigger place !
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • get yourself a bigger flat, common sense is needed here more than advice

      by bud - a day ago

    • It is against the law in the US. I would think it would be there too. There are reasons for occupancy laws. You need at least a 2 Bed and with kids that age, that is pushing it too.

      by Wildcat - a day ago

    • I would take snakeman's advice.

      by WelshLad - a day ago

    • Don't know about UK laws...but in the US, such a living arrangement is highly illegal. BTW...be a good dad and give the boys a bedroom...you and your wife should be sleeping in the living room.

      by reenzz - a day ago

    • I don't think that can be right at all. You should at least have one more bedroom - then the boys can share one & you have the other. The kids should have their own space too. There are laws against overcrowding, so you should inform the council.

      by taz c - a day ago

    • No your defiantley overcrowded! You don't say what your circumstances are, but if you are living in council accommodation you would then have grounds to be rehoused.

      by KittensForBreakfast - a day ago

    • United States -- too many people for a one bedroom. You would need a two bedroom place in the United States

      by One Step Ahead - a day ago

    • Goodness...how much room do you need. Some people have many more than that in cramped conditions even taking it in shifts to sleep. Be grateful for whatever you have.

      by loanshark - a day ago

    • yes....you have a roof over your head however uncomfortable or cramped it might be. why don't you go & rent a bigger place...just out of curiousity?

      by Hat-A-Tat-Tat - a day ago

    • yeah, if it was a daughter and son living in the same room then it wouldnt be. but i think that is fine. not ideal but if it's all you can get...

      by la-de-da - a day ago

    • It doesn't sound ideal but I'm not sure the law comes into it - you chose to have 2 children and presumably you also chose to live in a 1-bed flat. Why don't you move to a bigger place - are you and your wife both unemployed or something? Surely the boys could help out by getting part-time or weekend jobs?

      by SLF - a day ago

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