Husband is a convicted felon can I get section 8 housing?

Its a long story but to try and shorten it. My husband and I have been together off and on since we were kids. He done some stupid things about a year ago and was arrested he is currently locked up facing quite a few years. We have two kids together one 10 years the other 7 months. I was wondering if I even have to put that I"m married on my application, or any information about him since he isn't in the home right now. And if I do will I be ineligible for housing assistance b/c my husbands mistakes.

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As long as he is incarcerated you will not have a problem.

When he is released you will, convicted felons are not eligible for section 8. But his additional income would likely make you ineligible anyway.

5 years ago

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If you lie on the application it is considered fraud under both State and Federal statutes.

by estielmo - 5 years ago

It won't matter at all. Section 8 in my area is almost all criminals. I am sure there are people who are honest and decent, but all of the section 8 recipients I have met are felons and drug addicts.

by mccleary97502 - 5 years ago

You are married, so that marital status must be accurately recorded on the application. If he is not living in the household, that has to be explained. It is so ridiculously easy to check up on you & your husband that if you lie, you're going to prison on felony fraud charges, no doubt about it.

There's a long waiting list for Sec 8. Priority goes to the elderly and totally disabled, i.e. those who are totally incapable of working any longer. Then comes those who are either elderly or disabled. You are obviously are young and able to work. It takes typically 4-6 years now to get Sec 8 housing after an application is approved unless you are elderly & disabled. Some people are on the lists so long that by the time their name comes up, they no longer qualify.

Get to work and rent an apartment.

by ibu guru - 5 years ago

Maybe you will get lucky and will be sent to the same prison as your husband.

by redhairedmama75 - 5 years ago