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    If I Am Looking to Rent a New Apartment, Do I Have to Tell Them I Am Pregnant?

    I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and living in the Bay Area, California. I live in a tiny studio and want to relocate to a nice 1 or 2 bedroom place. My question is, do I have to tell my prospective landlords that I am expecting? Has anybody gone through this that can give me advice? I am not sure how prospective landlords might react - I have good credit, good references and a steady job... Please help! Thank you in advance!
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    NO! You dont have to tell them and its illegal for them to ask. The legal occupancy limit in CA is "2 per bedroom + 1", or 3 people for a 1 BR, 5 for a 2BR. So it doesnt matter anyway. Good luck!
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    Other Answers

    • The only way that could be a problem is if there is a strict limit of one person allowed to live there. If they allow more than one person they can not prohibit a child from living there. Most states have laws against discrimination against children in the housing market. Ask if it's OK for another person to live there with you. If they say yes then your good to go. The fact that the other person is your expected child shouldn't make any difference. A landlord may be concerned about getting rent from you while your on maternity leave, but I assume you have a plan for that.

      by norseman - a day ago

    • Yes you should tell him. He's gonna find out eventually anyway. Starting out with a deception is not a good thing when trying to maintain a peaceful landlord/tenant relationship.

      by reenzz - a day ago

    • No, you don't and it could be seen as housing discrimination if you are asked about children and don't get the apartment. You can't be discriminated against because you have kids. That's how it is in FL; I'm not sure is this law is federal or just in my state.

      by cashmaker81 - a day ago

    • First, ask the Management do they allow kids? If they say yes, then you're good to go.

      by Ms Show Me - a day ago

    • You seem like a good person so u shouldnt have a problem, but some hotels,ect. have restrictions against children or infants so just go over the rules with your land lord and if ur allowed to then when u hav the babe, it wont matter weather he(or she) knos or not cuz if ur livin there their gonna find out........

      by TaylorNicole - a day ago

    • it would be of no advantage to you in telling him, so dont.....none of his business anyway

      by dimarkcanada - a day ago

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