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    What are the legal implications for my boyfriend living with me in my apartment without being on the lease?

    My boyfriend recently graduated college and has moved in with me. He's lived here for about a month now and my lease is up May 31st. The realtor just called and wanted to start showing the apartment to potential renters. I'm wondering what sort of legal trouble I could get into if they found out he was living with me without being on the lease? The lease states I cannot sublet or have others occupying the apartment without written consent of the leasor, but they are more or less just staying here until we move into our (already approved) new apartment. Should we hide all of his stuff or do we have anything to fear? Thanks!
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    The lease is up in one month....not much luck that they will kick you out, they would need 30 days to do so...at least in most states they do... Furthermore, the realtor probably wont know who is on the lease she wants to sell the house and get some commission so as long as the house is neat and clean, there is not much chance that it will even be discussed nor will there be any chance that the owner will accompany the landlord to the showing. If by some chance he is 'caught' over at your place, you simply state that he is a visitor (which is not against the law) and he is leaving in a few days (which is true) If you want to be safe you could hide his things but dont go overboard, maybe put his shoes into a container. Anything else should be easily explained away as a visitor! Congrats on your boyfriend graduating college and here's to you and your new and happy life together BEST OF LUCK!
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    • At this point in your lease, probably not much will happen. Eviction is a lot of work for a landlord, and they most likely won't bother as your lease is up in a month. The worst I can see happening right now is that you'll lose your security deposit.

      by Emme - 17 hours ago

    • The most they can really do is kick you out, which doesn't sound like much of a threat at this point.

      by Ted - 17 hours ago

    • Usually they would let another person live with you, but if it's specifically stated as not allowed in your lease then you are breaking the lease. They probably won't care, but if they do, the worst thing that will probably happen is they will tell you to leave. Evictions take a lot of work on the part of a landlord and it wouldn't be worth their time. You probably also have the right to not show your apartment while you are still living there. I wouldn't allow that if it were me!

      by theefv - 17 hours ago

    • Sounds like you are violating the lease agreement by letting a third party move in.

      by !!! - 17 hours ago

    • It depends, if your lease with the landlord states that in order to add room-mates you have to have their permission and they find out that you have someone there that's no on the lease you could be evicted . also if he gets hurt between now and the move to the place , you won't have a legal leg to stand on as him being there is a violation of the lease. you might want to hide the stuff , if the realtor sees it and asks who it belongs to and you say my bf and he is staying here you run the risk of the realtor telling the landlord. hope this helps Carrie

      by warriorsca2001 - 17 hours ago

    • the land lour can com in and throw you and him out or race the rend 300. dol,the boy Friend have no right at all in the apartment, you may trow him out, by just coll the cops and he must go.

      by manfromcrete@verizon.net - 17 hours ago

    • You can kiss your security depost good by..........and a trip to court for back rent for your BF is really a good possibility......do you understand what fraud is............

      by kapn - 17 hours ago

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