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    Can my landlord evict me for paying late utilities?

    I pay month to month and must admit that I have paid late on my utilities a couple of times. Being a single mom with three kids can put a strain on money sometimes. Anyway, There is nothing in the contract about paying utilities, but they are in my name and paid by me. I've never had them turned off or anything. Well, my landlord is telling me if I pay them late again that he'll kick me out. My rent has always been paid on time, actually I've kept it paid one month ahead since I moved in. So can he kick me out based on this?
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    I was a landlord for 5 years...the answer is emphatically...NO. He has to take you to small claims court if you do not pay for it...otherwise if you are on a month to month contract you may be told to leave by the following month. He must give you 45 days notice to vacate...nothing less.
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    • Is there something in your lease/contract saying that you can be evicted for not paying utilities on time? I'm guessing there isn't -- in which case, no, he can't. Maybe he thinks that if you're paying utilities late, it will come to pass that you'll also eventually start to pay your rent late. But I can't imagine that he's legally allowed to evict you on that basis. Your landlord sounds like a bit of an a s s. .

      by Jenny Kim - 16 hours ago

    • NO, he can not evict you. How does he even know you pay utilities late if they have never been shut off? He's butting into your business. Be sure to make him aware you know its an illegal eviction if he throws you out for this.

      by headkickerrr - 16 hours ago

    • No, he can not evict you for paying your utilities late...how does he even know if they aren't paid on time??? I would start looking for another place as soon as your lease is up. I'm guessing he won't renew your contract.

      by Tray - 16 hours ago

    • We have tenants who are constantly paying their water bill late, and it is a concern to us because even though they are the ones responsible (it's in the lease agreement) and the utilities are in their name, it is still our property, so the utility companies have our name as the owners. So we are notified by the water board when the bill isn't paid on time, and to them, we are the ones who, when it comes down to it, will be affected. If the water does get shut off because it doesn't get paid on time, there is a fee to get it turned back on, and because we are the owners, I'm concerned our credit could be affected. So, yeah, when we get a notice that a bill is late, we're a little irritated, and we get on the tenants case about it.

      by Heidi M - 16 hours ago

    • How does your landlord know that you are late paying? Nope, if there's nothing in your lease agreement and all the bills are in your name, then you can't be evicted. Yes, it can be tough, but I'd think you are showing responsibility toward your landlord by making sure you aren't in arrears in your rental payments.

      by MrsSilentWarrior - 16 hours ago

    • It sounds like you are renting a house. Is that true? If so, as the owner of the house the landlord is ultimately responsible for paying the utilities so if you are late he can be notified. He probably calls the company and asks if you paid on time. Since he can get that report from them it's easy for him to do because he owns the property. Otherwise, how would he know you were late? In an apt. the utilities are in the property manager's name until you move in. When you move in you call the power company, have the utilities put in your name and it comes out of the property manager's name (as far as you can tell). What actually happens is the property owner's name is on the account because when you move the utilities go back to their name as soon as you call and have the power taken out of your name. He can evict you for any reason he chooses as long as he gives you 60 days notice. I have been given 30 days notice in the past because the owner sold the house I rented.

      by loanquest - 16 hours ago

    • As long as the utilities remain on, he cannot kick you out. Also, since they are in your name, he has no right to say anything to you. It's your social security number being used for the accounts and it in no way affects him. Tell him to stop harrassing you.

      by Michelle - 16 hours ago

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