Who can I report my apartment's landlord/owner to for neglegence?

I live on the 1st floor of my apartment complex. For a year now the people above me pour all their excess water into my patio from their balcony. I asked them to stop, and they didn't. When I complain to the landlord, she says I had to write a letter to the owner. So I did, however the problem has continued. It has rendered my patio completely unusable for my entire stay here.

What are my rights? Who do I go to?? Can I demand a rent cut or something since the square footage of the patio is unusable? Please help!

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take your landlord to small claims court. calculate your rent per square foot and sue him for that for each month they've been doing it. better have those written notices you sent to him (which you probably don't).

in reality, as soon as they are served with the papers they will start to act quickly. probably settling with you or hooking you up with some rent.

until then, spend some $$ and get a really loud radio. put in on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinent with the speakers pointed up towards the water people.

7 years ago

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You have the right of quiet enjoyment. That is part of the bundle of rights you interit when you rent. I would seek legal council, or move out and let them sue you, either way, you win.

by littlelanasue - 7 years ago

Always send certified complaints. In your notice to the manager, make sure you cc the person above you. Document them. If they do damage to your property then they are responsible for damages.

You are a tenant and therefore have a right to peaceful and enjoyment of your property. That is the law.

Let your landlord know that you are aware of tenant laws and will take further court actions if necessary. I can tell you, you should get results but at the same time, you will make people angry.

by Fico C - 7 years ago

If you have a city "housing authority".
Go see them and sign a formal
Otherwise, find any cheap legal office
that specializes in tenant/landlord rights
and file a complaint. It is surprising the
goodies you find on Google.
use --Tenant/landlord relations and
(your city or zip.)

by mountaingal - 7 years ago