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    i want to move to a warmer climate?

    i live in new england, i hate winter. as soon as i can, i want to move somewhere warmer. if you live in a warmer climate and would recommend moving there, give reasons why and what state you live in if you live in the coastal southeast, tell me how you handle hurricanes because that is the one thing i worry about if i ever moved there i want to stay in america
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    georgia and the carolinas are both really nice places to live.
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    Other Answers

    • I have lived in Tucson AZ, and it was a really nice place. Really hot of course in the summer, but dry so it's not totally miserable. "Monsoon season" comes in late summer though, and it rains almost every afternoon, so then it's NOT so dry. I lived there in the 70's. Crime was reasonably low, as was cost of living. I don't know if that's still true.

      by Judy - 8 hours ago

    • Orange County, California. Great weather (75 degrees and sunny right NOW.) No hurricanes ever. Easy to find work. Great schools, if you are a student. Very safe, not much crime to speak of. Real estate is not cheap, but a good investment (we do not have real estate crash as some other parts of the country.) If you are interested in relocating and buying a property here, email me. I'm an agent with Century 21. www.century21homes2buy.com

      by M K - 8 hours ago

    • Hi! I live in Mississippi. It is a beautiful state and all of the people are so nice! It's a lot warmer here than it is up north. It never snows down here. It does get hot down here in the summer. I've lived here all of my life and I LOVE it! Hope I could help you! Happy moving! :-)

      by lol - 8 hours ago

    • move to north carolina. i, too, live in new england but my friend lives in north carolina. it has a warmer climate, and better housing. also cheaper prices for housing. there are rarely any hurricanes in north carolina, but when there are it's not severe.

      by itsjustanotherday - 8 hours ago

    • San Diego,CA.Best climate in the world

      by sandman - 8 hours ago


      by Stealth - 8 hours ago

    • Danito, Phoenix, ARIZONA pure and simple! Its beautiful!! Im moving there in a week!!!

      by feline*love - 8 hours ago

    • I lived in Atlanta area for 6yrs and it was very nice,but cold in the winter. Look further south or on the gulf coast,for more mellow weather .As to hurricanes ,just deal with it. they happen, if you are more than a mile in from the water you should'nt get flooded, Get a 12pk of your favorite brew and wait it out. Good luck

      by bayareart1 - 8 hours ago

    • I live on an island, can't get more costal than that. Pros, great beaches, lots of resturants, good shopping, lots of great outdoor things to do. Cons, Cost of insurance, lots of major insurance companies like State Farm are pulling out of the area completely or the cost is way to high. I had to drop my home owners because it went from 400 to 1300 in one year. Thats not the worst, I live in a condo so there are regieme fees (the management company that maintains the buildings and grounds). Their insurance has jumped so my my ins. payment to them has go up another 100 a month plus when the actual bill comes in there is usually a 350/month x4 insurance asessment. Other things that are cons s we are held victim to the local hospital, known not only for its bad care but its high bills., the overall cost of living like things like gas, electric phone are all here with no competion so those are very high. You have to look at the tradeoffs. I don't mind (well really I do) its worth it to live here. You can research any town on the internet and find a place fit to you. Just start searching.

      by sweet sue - 8 hours ago

    • OKLAHOMA The winter is snowy summer is hot spring is medium and fall is NICE it has the best fishing,hunting & great weather it snowed on april 6th and then the next day was 70degrees its the best im always suprised!!!!!

      by Colton - 8 hours ago

    • i moved from dc to san diego 6 years ago. not one day goes by that i regret it, every thing is so close ( seaworld, the zoo, beaches, mountains) there is no such thing as hurricanes out here, a bit more pricey but so what, i don't need screens on my windows (no bugs) it doesn't rain and the sun is always out but still mild. write back and i can give you some live cams of the shore to check out

      by billy2005 - 8 hours ago

    • Southern California. I already have nice tan from this year.

      by RetroBunny69 - 8 hours ago

    • Hey, I moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee two years ago. I really like it here and while it does get cold for a brief time in the winter it is nowhere near like New England and there is pretty much no snow (a dusting at best that melts pretty soon as it falls). I do miss the ocean - but that is the only thing I miss! I live near Nashville and there is always plenty to do and the real estate is so much cheaper.

      by lunasage - 8 hours ago

    • I live in Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley. It never gets cold here. In fact, it is too too warm in the Summer. We are having a cooler day today...I believe it's 62 degrees. It normally doesn't get that cold here. I love Los Angeles. I was born and raised here. It is too warm in the valley, so I wouldn't recommend moving here. I would recommend living in Los Angeles though, perhaps in Santa Monica or in Hollywood. Come check it out first, because it is very different from everything else. My suggestion: Rent an apartment off of craigslist for a month, come and check out every part of the city (with a rental car of course.) I would suggest you do this in any city you plan to move to. You can't tell much just from a couple of days. You have to really experience the place full-on.

      by Faith C - 8 hours ago

    • If you don't mind heat, then south Texas is nice. I'd recommend San Antonio; it's far enough inland that hurricanes aren't a threat, and is a very nice city.

      by dances with unicorns - 8 hours ago

    • Have you tried Georgia? It is great. I lived there for 5 years. The only reason I left was, because my husband's job was moved to Fla.

      by michelegokey2002 - 8 hours ago

    • I live in SAVANNAH GA!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And as far as the hurricanes... we dont get too affected by them. I have lived here for over 5 years and all we have gotten so far is alot of rain and some wind from them. BUT it is much better than lake effect snow and all that jazz.. (im originally from upstate ny)

      by jp8 - 8 hours ago

    • Florida is a warm place to stay and I would highly reccomend living there, even though I have never even been there. But, I will move there later in the future.

      by Kali - 8 hours ago

    • Never move to Virginia. There is nothing good in Virginia! Look further south for sure!

      by Mr. Bigglesworth - 8 hours ago

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