Why does "Habitat for Humanity" build houses in bad neighborhoods ?

The houses are cute but who would want to live in the neighborhoods they're built in ?
Welfare bums ? That's a foul comment !
Land in RI is far from cheap ! The price of houses are skyrocketing as we speak !

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Some say a culture is defined by how it treats it's neediest citizens. Habitat for Humanity is about making a difference to those that need the most help. It's not that they choose "bad" neighborhoods, it's becasue that is where the poorest people live, they are working to break the cycle of poverty & helplesness. If you get the opportunity to it


8 years ago

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who would want a bunch of welfare bums to move into their nice neighbourhood

by roger_the_negro_supremacist - 8 years ago

Sad to say, but the only affordable land is in bad neighborhoods in most places.

by Juanita - 8 years ago

Because that's where they're needed.

by tonalc1 - 8 years ago

That's interesting. I didn't know that they did that.

by Sakura-chan - 8 years ago

I think sometimes people are more comfortable living in a certain neighborhood. And they try to build the houses where people will feel comfortable.

by makingthisup - 8 years ago

to bring the neighborhood up
besides the land is cheap
and most people needing a home are grateful no matter where the location to have a place to call home.

by miatalise12560 - 8 years ago

The people whom these houses are made for have no where else to go. They are grateful for the house no matter what neighborhood it is in. And hopefully the more nice houses that are built there, the better the neighborhood will turn out.

by autumnfaerie8 - 8 years ago

there trying to beautify neighborhoods that are otherwise pretty run down to help get them back to a better community

by Cheryl - 8 years ago

One thing is that neighborhoods constantly change...they go from good to bad, and back to good again.

Seems they are improving on bad areas by building there.

Land keeps getting scarcer all the time.

by Leonard L - 8 years ago

To make it affordable for people who want to get out of the projects or row houses to live in a home of there own.Some people just want something they can call there own.No matter where it is.Some will buy or in most cases,rent to own,until they can totally move to a different home maybe in a better part of the city or town.

by - 8 years ago

low property value on the land its built on

by BB - 8 years ago

They aren't bad neighborhoods, they are low income neighborhoods. The logic is there, if you think it out. What would be the point of building a house for someone in an affluent neighborhood? They can afford to build their own. By building in a low income neighborhood, they not only benifit the new homeowner, but they also add to the quality of the neighborhood. It has the power of incouraging not only people to move there, but to take pride in their own homes. Thus, it has the power to benifit all.

by jmiller96003 - 8 years ago

no all areas are leat they give homes to people in need

by The_Good_Girl - 8 years ago

They are trying to start a new beginning in that neighborhood. Trying to instill something called pride.
To clean up a bad neighborhood you have to start somewhere so why not start with "Habitat for Humanity."
BTW... Habitat for Humanity is a good thing.

by Jackaroo - 8 years ago

If you build new house on old crack houses and make it a nice neighborhoods then you have built in a nice place.

by mrfinger86 - 8 years ago

Because Habitat for Humanity's goal is to build up bad neighborhoods and get some nice homes in those areas. Without first starting to get good, responsible people in a neighborhood; then they are never going to be able to have a chance at taking it back adn getting all the drug dealing scum out.

This is a great question by the way.


by Kaz - 8 years ago