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    Well water or water piped in (city water),what are the pros and cons?

    My fiance' and I plan to build a home in NORTH CAROLINA..I'm originally from NJ he's from NC..I don't know anything about wells ,other than children falling in them.I heard something about fluoride content and that's about it.Tell me what you know .ELIGHTEN ME ,PLEASE!
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    well it really depends on the exact location. most people go with city water unless they are not in the city. well water is basically the same thing, the city's have large wells (or something similar) and get there water the same way. Check in to the cost of both, if your out in the country you wont be able to get city water. what ever one you pick get a good filtration system at your house, I would look into a reverse osmosis system for your drinking and cooking water. oh and wells are not normally open hole ones anymore so don't worry about falling into them lol
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    • Well water is used in places that do not have access to a good river. Well water lacks the natural oxigenation that river water has. Therefore, it is not as clean. Use a good filter to avoid diseases.

      by joranel - 10 hours ago

    • I live in North Carolina and the "wells" here are not like you are thinking. They don't look like the ones on that movie "The Ring". They are under ground and you can't see them. I will say this. well water is gross and it needs a GOOD filter. I would try to live in a place with city water. Must places do have city water unless you go way out in the country like where I live, but most of them are city water too. Good luck and I hope you enjoy North Carolina just as much as I do!!!

      by cowgirl_nc_21 - 10 hours ago

    • If you have a well, it will require maintenance & upkeep forever & you have no assurance of the quality of your water. Depending on your location, it may not be cost effective to pipe in your water. Whatever you decide, please be aware that your property could already have an old well, mine shaft, cesspool or septic tank that has been covered up or filled in & could end up caving in, leaving you with a "sinkhole" under or next to your new house! Always have these things checked before building.

      by Me-She - 10 hours ago

    • I am from N.C. Its beautiful. My aunt had well water, of course it was awhile ago but her child got botulism from well water. If I had to have a well I would have the water tested often. I would not personally want well water.

      by mischiefmaker_kc - 10 hours ago

    • You have to test well water periodically to make sure it is safe. Well water frequently has high levels of arsenic. If it is feasible I would go with city water.

      by keri gee - 10 hours ago

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