Email issues after reactivation?

My small business account was deactivated. I reactivated. My yahoo hosted website is back up. Problem:

Previously my email account that was visible at the bottom when I clicked on the mail icon was my firstinitiallastname@website. It is gone.

The email address there now (? don't know who did it or how) is firstname@website. All my small business emails are gone and the address up is not right.

How can I reset my real business address and get my emails back?

Have been calling Yahoo since 01/02. Received a reference # but no one ever called. Have called daily since then trying to get through. Have also sent customer care emails. I am sure they must be very busy but this is really disappointing. Can someone in the community please tell me what to do?

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Yahoo Small Business services. If you reactivated your account, it would have automatically created the owner email with the name you have on your Account Information. You can change your email address in the Email Control Panel. Please follow these steps:

It may be possible to recover your old emails. Please visit to get in touch with us, 24/7. If you're unable to use the contact page we provided, please email your Yahoo ID, domain name, phone number, and best time to call within the next 24-48 hours to

4 months ago