How do determine if unexpected credit card charges from Yahoo are valid without enduring 90 min hold music?

The business I work for received an unexpected charge from Yahoo! Hold times on customer support lines are very long with hold music on a 20 second loop that goes on and on for about an hour and a half. The first time I made it through they said they couldn't let me into "the account" (what account? we don't even know about an account!) but gave me something else to try. They assured me that I could use a free account to request a call back if that didn't work. It didn't work. I attempted to schedule a call back on my personal account. The automated system informed me this was not possible; only premium account holders have the right to call backs. So, how am I supposed to determine whether or not this is a fraudulent charge...or should I just assume it is fraudulent and begin the process of disputing it since they have made it insanely difficult to get answers?

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Hi, Erica.

Sorry about the hold times--between an unusual volume of calls and some issues with our phone system, our hold times we way higher than anyone would like. We'd like to give you a hand, though. Please email your contact information (name, phone number, best time to call) to us at and we'll call you.

Please note that for security reasons we can only disclose account information to the account holder.

9 months ago