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    “Yahoo! Local” listing – switch yahoo email accounts?

    maybe I didn’t phrase the other thread’s question right. thanx for the reply YSmallBizCare. but the link you gave me states it is for, "the owner or administrator of a Merchant Solutions or Web Hosting plan, you can use the Access Manager to grant someone access to the tools in your account." i don't have a Merchant Solutions or Web Hosting plan with Yahoo. i simply have a "Yahoo! Local" listing. my web guy is doing SEO work and needs to get into this account to help my new site, which is hosted elsewhere, to be optimized. is there another way to give him admin rights? if not, i am OK giving him the login info. my site needs to be optimized, and this will help. i trust him as well as anyone can be trusted over the 'net. which would bring me back to my initial question on the other thread (i can’t seem to find a way to reply to you on that thread.) i want to switch that Yahoo! Local listing account away from this email account i am using now, to another Yahoo email account i made just for this purpose. how do i go about switching it? is it possible? Thanks for any assistance :)
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    Hey Derek, Sorry for providing you with a link irrelevant to your needs. At this time, we do not have any way of assigning access for a Yahoo! Local Listings account to someone other than yourself. Like before, we do not recommend that you ever provide your login credentials to anyone else, even if you trust them. If you have any further questions, check out our Local Listings help pages here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/ysm/ll/index.html
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