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I have an account with Yahoo! Small Business. I started designing a website with Merchant Starter and published a rough draft (just to see what it looked it). I then switched to Yahoo! Site Builder and am done building my website. When I try to publish it, I get the following error:
Sorry, your site's meta information wasn't published. To ensure we record the current state of your site, please publish again.
Then if I try to go to my website, it's still the old one. What should I do? How can I fix this problem?

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Open site builder program on your computer and then open all your web pages, right click each page one at a time and set your description of the page and site, set your meta tags, your name as publisher. After doing this for all the pages go to the left side of screen click file, click publish, enter user ID and password, click the all files and click publish. After publishing check your site, you can no longer use the Merchant Starter tool after publishing with the site builder tool. You need to use one or the other tool but can not use both to design and or publish.
Consult the design, using site builder, publishing help with your Yahoo control panel.
Have used Yahoo Site Builder for several years, not a perfect tool but takes some time to learn all the ins and outs.

4 years ago

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If you are smart you will close your account and look for another comparable company like
Yahoo is in bed with 1 merchant account provider and the rates are not competitive. You should have the ability to choose any credit card processor you like and Yahoo! will not provide that. Stay clear of companies that have contracts.


by Abe - 4 years ago