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    Help with Walmart Receipt and taxes?

    I'm doing my taxes. I have a Walmart receipt that might have a business expense on it. But I can't recognize what I bought to figure that out. How can I find out what the receipt code means? I only know I paid $4.98 for one of them. 41/60 CKSHRM 06113171399 F 4.98
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    Ha! Doin' the exact same thing myself... I haven't found out how to look up the receipt code yet, but I do know that the F in the column before the price means that it is a food item, which you probably have already figured out. If not, maybe that will help jog your memory. I'll try to answer again if I find out more, but it's not looking good. If the item is sold online, you could look it up, but they don't sell food online, so that won't work... There is a UPC lookup here: http://www.upcdatabase.com/itemform.asp, but I don't think Wal-mart uses UPC on their receipts, and almost certainly not on their food items. I haven't gotten anything on a Wal-Mart receipt to work. If you really want to know, you can always take the receipt back to Wal-mart and ask them to look it up for you...Good luck!
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