What does it mean when the IRS says your income tax return has NOT been processed yet?

I had my taxes done on February 12th, but when I check either the state or federal websites for an estimate of when I will receive (I've called too) my refund, everything says my tax return has not been processed yet. I received my tax packet from my tax preparer saying my return has been e-filed and accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and the state taxing authority. So I'm confused as to why I can't find a status on my two returns. Please help.
I should have written this before. Please, only serious answers. If you don't know, don't answer. I'm a professional with an advanced degree. I don't need to be chastised.

The question is, how long after you sign the papers and the return is sent to the IRS does it take to be processed. I thought the fact that it was accepted, means it was processed.

I'm looking for someone with real useful information as to how long it takes to process from the time the return is received, and how that differs from the return being accepted by IRS.

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Good morning.
I am an independent tax preparer and a former manager with a nationally known tax preparation company.
There are several phases your return goes through when transmited to the IRS by your preparer.
You mentioned your return has been"accepted" by the IRS.This is the first stage of processing -what it means is your return has passed a check for mainly mathematcal errors and identification numbers (ss#'s etc)are correct.
Usually within 48 hours you wil recieve an expected refund date.Unfortunatly ,this year there are massive processing delays,as well as refund freezes.
You can get information at "wheres my refund".
IRS automated refund line-800 829 1954
Not to get you discouraged but nearly all of my clients have experience refund delays this season which exlains why I have time to answer you. Dave

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Just a wild guess but... have you thought... that... just maybe...
they haven't been processed yet?

by somchy soon - 6 years ago

It means we have it. It is in the "to do" pile. We will get to it when the stuff ahead of it is done.

by wartz - 6 years ago