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    Why do they make you put items in your cart before seeing the price on online retailers?

    This is really annoying, and I would never buy something with this feature. Does it really make people more likely to buy things? Are you more likely to buy something if it is sitting in your cart forcibly?
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    Well yeah. By accident, you forget to scrutinize every item in the cart before making the purchase, and voila, they shafted you for another $100. Then you have to call up the business and tell them that you did not order that such product and they delay delay delay refunding it. You just got scammed!
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • You have the option to REMOVE it from your cart, too; I've done that also without buying it.

      by beenthere - 5 hours ago

    • The manufacturer/distributor of the item tells the website to do that. If the website refuses, then the manufacturer/distributor doesn't sell it to them for a super-low price. So the website says yes! And more people buy it.

      by Arthur - 5 hours ago

    • It a mistaken scheme of the past, much like demanding a phone number, most large name sites, ebay, amazon, walmart, newegg, ect do not make a buyer do that because it discourages sales and increases abandonment during checkout.

      by Rigal T - 5 hours ago

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